Solving the supply chain labour shortage with youth involvement

If you are in the supply chain, you are aware of the shortage of workers expected the immediate future.

You need answers on where to find these future employees.

And fast.

Did you know there are programs in place to attract youth to the supply chain sector?

Getting youth onboard early is one easy and sure way to solve your future shortage of worker crisis.

In Alberta, we’ve got several programs to attract youth to the supply chain industry and help fill future vacancies.

Van Horne Institute looks to youth to address supply chain labour shortage

The Van Horne Institute is working with private sector partners and the Government of Alberta to build a long-term employment recruitment strategy.

This strategy is aimed at attracting Alberta’s youth to the supply chain industry.

As part of the recruitment strategy, A Youth Workforce Strategy is soon to be released, and is inspired by a straightforward vision which sees Alberta’s youth as being prepared and participating in the world of supply chain work.

As part of this strategy, Van Horne Institute launched phase four of Attracting Youth to a Sustainable Supply Chain Workforce Project. This is a pilot project.

Guiding the development of The Youth Workforce Strategy are two key questions:

  1. How can we engage young workers and prepare them for a successful entrance into the Supply Chain?

  2. How can we engage employers to discover best practices that will attract and retain youth into a sustainable supply chain sector?

The Strategy will provide employers, government and other stakeholders with an early application and insights into employment practices geared to youth (17 to 25 years old).

The Youth in Supply Chain pilot project has been funded by Alberta Human Services with the advice, experience and wisdom of a Project Advisory Committee comprised of industry, education and economic development partners.

Potential supply chain career opportunities for youth

The Van Horne Institute provides the following list as an example of some of the career opportunities and demand for labour that lie ahead:

  • 4,000 companies, 40 thousand workers in transportation and warehousing and over 97,000 workers in wholesale and retail (CED)
  • CN Railroad: $200 million Calgary Logistics Park
  • UPS: $30 million Distribution Centre at YYC
  • Calgary Airport Authority: $2 billion Airport Expansion, including new International Facilities and a new 14,000 foot runway
  • Oxford Airport Development Business Park: $500 million

The Van Horne Institute will examine how to inform youth about career options in the Supply Chain and how to best prepare them for this world of work.

The Youth Workforce Strategy is one of a number of strategies created to engage under-represented groups and one way by which the anticipated need in Alberta will be met of over 606,000 workers by 2021.

For more information on the Van Horne Institute’s initiative, visit their “Phases” page.